Mexican Culture: 7 Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Mexico is a beautiful and unique country, its culture spanning much wider than the typical bits and pieces we see on vacation! Mexico’s rich history has created a varied, and fascinating, culture, more so than you probably realize. Here are 7 interesting facts about Mexico you may not already know!

7 Less Commonly Known Facts About Mexico

Mexico Is the Origin of Chocolate

The Meso-American people discovered chocolate in Mexico. It was originally made into a sweet drink. The Aztecs even have their own chocolate Goddess, Ixcacao.

We Also Have Mexico To Thank for Corn & Chillies

Corn (Zea maiz) and chillies were also both first cultivated in Mexico. They’ve become a very key ingredient in both Mexican and American foods.

Mexico Isn’t Actually The Country’s Full Name

Mexico’s full name is actually Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (The Mexican United States). The country was originally name after Mexico City, the …

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