The Most Common Fetish People Have

Nowadays, easy access to porn and sex-related materials online have encouraged people to become a lot more open regarding their sexual fetishes. Almost everyone has a kinky fetish or a nasty sexual activity that gets them off like no other.

And while there are thousands of fetishes, some have truly stood out over the years. This article will explore the most common fetishes that people have practiced for centuries. You can easily try them with your partner or solo if you decide to do so. So take a look at some of the naughtiest fetishes out there!


This type of fetish has turned into a full subculture. It consists of a combination of sexual practices and fetishes. Most commonly, these practices include bondage, roleplaying, dominance, and submission. Others include masochism, foot fetish, sex toy play, impact play, and rough sex. The name is actually an acronym for a mixture of abbreviations. The first is B/D, aka bondage and discipline. Then, D/s represents dominance and submission, while S/M stands for sadism and masochism. Most practices require informed consent as well as a clear role distinction between the submissive and the dominant.

Overall, people who love to dominate others or be submissive love to practice BDSM. It offers nearly limitless options, including non-sexual activity, or explicit acts such as rough penetration and extreme painplay.

Anal Sex

For years, anal penetration has been one of the most practiced fetishes for straight and gay couples alike. Due to the nerve-filled tissue that provides pleasurable sensations, full penetration can cause some pain. That’s why this taboo activity is so popular! By penetrating someone’s ass, you essentially take full control over someone’s body. Plus, it feels incredibly intense for both the giver and the receiver.

Moreover, the anal sphincter is an incredibly tight muscle. It provides a different sensation compared to the vagina, which is why it is so pleasant for a man’s penis. On the other hand, women can reach unique anal orgasms through it. And with male anal penetration, it’s possible to stimulate the prostate to get intense P-spot orgasms.

Anal is also popular because it is incredibly naughty and can be used together with all sorts of other fetishes. That includes rough sex, playing with toys, BDSM, roleplay, threesomes, etc.

Group Sex and Threesomes

Speaking of threesomes and group sex in general, they are also some of the most popular fetishes.

Generally, couples love group sex because it can introduce a new spark into their relationship. It’s possible to try various configurations of threesomes (male-female-female, male-male-female, etc.) while experimenting with other people. Another reason group sex is so popular is that it can result in some unique sexual experiences. And even if you’re not into group sex, you can simulate it using multiple sex toys.


This fetish is incredibly common among couples. While you may have come across it online, you may not have understood what it is entirely about. Essentially, it’s a type of non-monogamy (consensual) in which a person observes their partner in bed with someone else. The partner who watches is often in the same space. They can also view the act from a remote location.

Moreover, this fetish focuses on humiliation and masochism. The viewer experiences humiliation while watching their partner getting fucked by someone else. Then, the viewer gets off (or not) on the feeling of being excluded.

Fantasy Fetish

Much like BDSM, fantasy kinks and fetishes offer nearly limitless options. They involve sexual and non-sexual roleplaying with two or more people. Essentially, roleplaying requires both partners to take on specific roles. These roles can be anything from movie characters, animals, doctors, kidnappers, etc. The fetish usually involves some sort of sex acting scenario (e.g., teacher and a schoolgirl) that the couple plays out. However, couples can develop detailed stories and remain in their roles, even while not having sex.

The fetish also involves costumes that range from simple to elaborate. As an example, cosplay has become a significant part of fantasy fetishes. Additionally, you can even use sex toys like animal tail butt plugs in fantasy fetishes like petplay like what you can see from

What’s more, fantasy fetishes can overlap with just about any other practice. You can also use toys like fantasy dildos (e.g., bad dragon or alien dildo, etc.).


Pegging and male anal domination are among the most popular female fetishes. A lot of men also fantasize about it. Usually, pegging involves a woman using a strap-on dildo to penetrate a man’s asshole.

This fetish can benefit submissive men. Conversely, they can also gain pleasure from it due to prostate or genital stimulation. Additionally, the strap-on harness can stimulate the female genitals at the same time. That way, pegging allows women to orgasm while dominating their men. Moreover, some sex experts recommend that couples try this fetish because it introduces role reversal into the relationship and thus builds trust.

Cum Fetish

Many women and men can have an unquenchable cum fetish. That means they are addicted to all things related to cum. This fetish involves all sorts of cum play, semen consumption, as well as internal creampies. Other more intense forms of it are felching and bukkake.

The cum fetish is primarily popular with women who are obsessed with semen. They may love the idea of being showered in cum. Plus, they can also be attracted to the consistency and the sticky texture of a heavy load. On the other hand, another reason people enjoy cum is related to the power that it gives them. For instance, women can experience sexual arousal by knowing that all the power is in their hands. That is, by watching a throbbing cock explode all over them, they can see the result of their hard work.

Chastity Play

This fetish is a part of BDSM, and it is incredibly unique. It requires the use of a chastity belt that seals the genitals. That prohibits the wearer from having any type of sexual intercourse or release. It’s a form of dominance and orgasm control. Yet, it can also signify an intensely intimate Keyholder/slave relationship with power exchange.

As the submissive partner’s body parts are locked up, the Keyholder has all the power. They can decide when to release the slave and allow them some sexual satisfaction. This fetish is often combined with ruined orgasms, ass or foot worship, and painplay. The fetish also allows the participants to use toys such as fantasy dildos like dragon dildos to satisfy their kink.

Additionally, couples who aren’t into BDSM can practice chastity play. That is done to remain faithful to each other or to build up to a stronger sexual release.

Public Sex

Lastly, public sex is a widespread fetish that a lot of people have attempted at least once. It’s fairly self-explanatory and involves having sex in a public place. Usually, people get off due to the rush that this fetish creates. It can be exceptionally hot if couples are doing stuff in places where they can get busted easily. This activity is also illegal in most countries, and that’s why it’s even more satisfying. Additionally, it doesn’t only incorporate penetrative sex. You can try all sorts of acts like oral sex in public, handjobs, gloryhole sex, or playing with different sex gadgets. You can even wear toys like butt plugs in public places without anyone knowing.


So what was your favorite fetish? If you haven’t tried any of these, which one would you incorporate into your sex life first? As always, every fetish is better if you use some adult sex toys! So good luck and have fun!

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